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Tirage: Unique Work
bernard guillot

Born in 1950 in Basel, Bernard Guillot is a French photographer and painter, he moves between Massif Central and Egypt to live. His work is filled with impressionist, symbolic and mystical influences. Bernard Guillot avoids the decorative trends, through a minimalist approach and refined colors. Through his creations, the artist gives a lot of importance to water, pond, lake or a river, he comes across these during his travels. Nature is bewitching and poetic. The artist has developed a taste for the wonderful, enigmatic and timeless aspects, he digs them deeper with a play on shadows and reflections...His gray shades are mind blowing. His works highlight the unfathomable and the ethereal. "What does this blue oval symbolize, floating in the middle of the page? this flower? this heart? No...

artworks by bernard guillot