Sandra Martagex
Sandra Martagex
Born in 1967
Sandra Martagex was born in Paris, in a family of artists, restorers and collectors. Surrounded since her childhood by strange primitive and singular objects, she naturally started to create and never ceased to since. She spent her youth in a small village of the Vaucluse county, close to untamed nature, and then returned to Paris with her parents. She entered the Corvisart graphic art school, then the Paris School of Fine Arts, where she discovered several techniques, such as acrylic or oil painting, engraving... as much as the daily joy of living of her passion ! After her graduation that she obtained with honours from the jury, 1st Rocheron laureate, she got a scholarship to study at the Amsterdam Rijksacademie for four months. Since 1995, from Paris to San Francisco or China, Sandra Martagex exhibited her work in the entire world. Part of it has joined some museums' collections. Sandra Martagex participated to artists residencies and for some time now, to underground publications... She currently lives and works in Malakoff, near Paris.