Gouache 2, 2020
Dimensions: 2ft1 x 3ft3
Tirage: Unique Work
Véronique Masurel

Véronique Masurel was born in 1954 in Belgium, in Tournai. She lives and works now in Paris. She studied History at the University of Lille, then entered the Fine Arts National School in Paris where she obtained her diploma in painting. She has been a professor at the Beaux-Arts’ ateliers in Paris since 1987. As an artist from the North, her work is pervaded by colour and gesture, made visible in her canvas through plain-coloured surfaces and brushstrokes. Her painting explores the lineage to landscapes and her world seems to have inherited from both the Flemish School throughout her geographical heritage, and French impressionists throughout her historical heritage. Throughout her large-sized canvas, Véronique Masurel delves into the space of her landscapes, reminiscences of “buried mem...

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