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François Sagnes was born in 1952 in Paris where he lives and works.
After studies of Classical French Letters and then of Fine Arts, François Sagnes has started from 1976, on the basis of practice of engraving on metal, a work centred on photography. From 1976 to 1980, colour photographs.
Since 1980, taken sights primarily with the room 4 X 5 inches and in black and white.
From 1980 to 1983, series of photographs of settings in scenes of objects in manufactured spaces, then starting from 1983, series of photographs of sculptures and constructions in the landscape.
It revisits sites in which the stone and the sculpture are in the center of the landscape (Egypt, Easter Island, Pétra in Jordan, monastery of Siméon Saint the stylite in Syria, Garden of Bomarzo in Italy, archeological sites in Laos, etc ) by a work of space, light and material, as well in the way he catches sights as in work of photographic printing, so that his photos are on the edge of documents, plastic and poetic productions.
In parallel, François Sagnes works on series of photographs in face to face with mineral material exposed. The work of the stone, gravity and erosion in the stone quarries of Carrara marble in Italy and Soignies in Belgium. He completes a fundamental work of a materialist glance, close to the practices of drawing, engraving, sculpture, creation of stone gardens or of stones of dream.