For me, running a Gallery space today means establishing a special presence in the world in a particular place and time. It means being on the lookout for new visual emotions, new sensations; being able to bring these choices to life, to arouse curiosity and awaken desire: it is about discovering and sharing in order to create an enduring link between art and society.

The artists who exhibit here - photographers, painters or sculptors - are authors, creators of worlds, who I get to know personally and hope to be involved with long term, which is the only way to discover and rediscover their work.

These contemporary artists use photography as a starting point to incorporate other media – painting, drawing, sculpture, video, writing… These different ways of expression are like a subtle game with various interpretations and points of view that eventually shed light on their work and their universe.

Photography is a starting point, for if painting is the response to an introspective experience, photography reveals a real, instantaneous, everyday vision, yet one that allows us to discover alternative viewpoints of the world.

By giving us the opportunity to discover a new space, another world until now inaccessible, the moment captured by photography opens up a multi-faceted way of seeing. So photography has the power to unveil mystery while retaining the enigma of the world, which we can sense beyond our everyday experience.

Finally, the Gallery is an extensive space where you are invited to glimpse the artist’s world, as recreated through the exhibition.

Frédéric Moisan.