François SAGNES
From 2007-05-18 to 2007-06-30

In front of the photos of François Sagnes, we are
dazzled by his art of deciphering the secrets of the silence of ruins and light.
We can even see the two lights with which the artist is concerned - the crystal light which embraces the historical sites, he searches around the world tracing and immortalising their magic, and the radiating inner light, shining from the core of the objects that fascinate him.
From Easter Island, through Egypt or Petra to the Bomarzo garden, the mystery of these places is magnified by the clarity of the photographer’s vision. In some projects like the marble quarry at Carrare, or the salt mines of Midi, the photos lure us to travel through the surface-landscapes, oscillating between the reality of photography and the illusion of both painting and engraving.
Nabil Naoum, march 2007