le mystère de l’aquarium

From 2007-03-30 to 2007-05-12

In a project like the ‘Aquarium’, one can trace the photographer’s passion for the water goddess, called woman. It awakens our archetypal memory of swimming in the golden age of the womb, where there are only liquids and fulfilled desires. These photos of suspended nude women in aquariums move our curiosities, compelling us to dive into these sealed boxes to touch and rescue each siren. Liberated from phobias, entering the magic of each photo, we can share the same instant in which the photographer has frozen time. Here is another mysterious journey with multiple interpretations, as in all the work of Godeaut, from his labyrinth of panoramic inner landscapes, to the tight aquariums with their conserved energies and marvels.

We are fascinated by the photographic career of Jean-Pierre Godeaut because his work stirs our imagination and haunts us at the same time.

Nabil Naoum, February 2007.