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Born in Lille, René Schlosser studies to Chaumont then in Troyes, in boy’s usual school. Encouraged by his teacher of plastic arts, he takes the course of the Fine Arts and after a long stay near Casablanca, he perfects his technique of the drawing, developing certain taste for the abstraction. He works in Valence at Drôme.

His work is bound at random, in the discoveries, in the recycling in the material. Revelation of image enters abstract and concrete / marked with time. For more than 30 years, this experimenter feeds an interest for salvaged materials: wood, paper, cardboard, mailbag, metals and the zinc particularly. «He pursues a favoured dialogue with the material as exclusive source of creativity” show André Deprez.

His journeys in Asia, in Africa and in France, in Vercors, gave him the taste of the landscape on the verge of the abstraction. The memory of a place is immured in the metal in state of oxidation. René Schlosser shares his researches around the medium and his cut with his friends of always, Pierre Buraglio, Claude Viallat and so many others. Literary continuation, poetic expression of the titles. The artist of the support / surface art.

« Follows a more or less long period of storage, observation, interrogation, hesitation….the material propose numerous projects. Then one day, the proposals become obvious and practicable.
A fragment is inked, passed in the press. One of the obtained images rose on a plaque of printer's paper, coupled with the matrix given to see as it is.

Either, by respecting the dimensions of the big slab, the zinc is nailed on a frame beforehand covered with a not painted synthetic fabric, or painted, or carrier of the tracks of manipulations.
Either a juice (a rain, a streaming) of acrylic sky blue is going to wash, to protect, to fix the materiel. A fragment reveals its own identity. Work bound at random discoveries, know-how, laissez-faire, more and more simple, carried by elaborate plastic intentions.”

René Schlosser