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As a photographer Michel Monteaux questions our presence in the environment, and the consequence of conflicting power relations between the two.
Using film and polaroid as a main support he also opted to add drawing rather than digital retouching to creta visual metaphores.
“For the first time in history, the dominant spices we are, is doing an
assessment of its activity on earth; this inevitably poses to each one of us, his or her own existential question. We are standing at a cross path. Which
one will define the future of the spices?
The dizzying scientific and technological progresses are such that while we
think we can now appraise the near future, we find out that its has already
past. Expansion towards new universes, the supra globalization, synthetic
biology, biodiversity and nano technologies, long term conflicts risks linked to water, climate, rich and poor, the «entente cordiale» between people and religions, a new economical system, improvements of health and life expectancy, options seem endless.
What I am interested in here is not the possible answer; it is the latent
period in which we are. It is not a matter of end or beginning but rather a
moment we usually pay so little attention and yet is so relevant to determine what will come next. Between inhaling and exhaling all seems on hold, in waiting, latent, as if nothing was happening.Yet, at this very second, oxygen enters the blood, and life is possible.”
Michel Monteaux